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Tree in the Sky
Neeti’s level of excitement is only matched by the level of quality and uniqueness she brings to every project she works on.
Tree in the Sky’s Neeti Fidurko brings creative daring and unending enthusiasm to each project. Her skill and approachability make her an invaluable teammate and idea-mover.

"Neeti is such an easy-going person to work with! When she’s behind the camera her smiles and sparkling personality make it easy and comfy to be in front."

Payton Marovich of PAXTOR

Tree in the Sky has repeatedly provided me with awesome design work! They’ve responded with professionalism and worked diligently with me to achieve my goals.
Neeti's excitement & enthusiasm for her work brings a high level of motivation to everyone working with or near her. She is a pleasure to work with and we keep coming back for more!

Durga KR

Having collaborated with Tree in the Sky on multiple projects, it’s undeniable that Neeti works harder & has more fun than any other professional you are likely to meet. Need a tech-savvy artist who is truly invested in your project? Tree is the obvious choice.
Neeti is one of the most interesting folks we've ever had speak at Rochester Movie Makers.
Neeti brings a tremendous amount of energy and passion to her work. Her lets-conquer-the-world attitude is contagious and the end results speak for themselves.


Tree in the Sky is an awesome award-winning motion design studio based in San Francisco, California. We make your idea seeds blossom into inspired & unique multimedia art. Need a sparkly new music video for your band’s latest masterpiece? A quirky & unique commercial for your badass business? We deliver it all!

…except your baby. We cannot deliver your baby. Despite countless rumors & requests, Tree in the Sky is not baby-delivery-certified.


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