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Character bios: Mother & Matthew

July 15, 2014 by in category Filmmaking, New Projects, News, Sneak Peek with 0 and 0

The double bonus round of Character Bios is finally here! Today, we have the Mariah’s mom and Jesus’s BFF Matthew. Soak it all in like the glorious rays of the summer sun, people!

Andy Conley


Mother of Mariah

She casts a strong physical presence, but a weak emotional presence… She is dutiful to her husband, but rarely shows emotion. She is the quiet, obedient type who willingly remains in the background.

Matthew the Tax Collector & Jesus’s BFF

A tax collector, disciple, and best friend of Jesus. In part because Jesus accepts him as he is, he continues his profession (which many consider to be odious). Like Mariah’s Father, he can be completely oblivious to social cues and to those around him, especially when he is a guest in someone else’s home. Matthew’s overly obnoxious lighthearted cheeriness eases most peoples’ rigidness, but contributes greatly to the Father’s stress (because of how stubborn the father is). Matthew is a bit of a nerd–after all, he kind of works in accounting –but he is also quite laid back, perhaps to a fault. A tad hippie-ish, incredibly goofy, over-the-top cheery, easy-going kinda guy. He and Jesus have a long history of deep friendship and have lots of inside jokes.

Stay tuned for more fun updates in the coming days!

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