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Never settle for blasé multimedia production again! With unrivaled blend of fun and professionalism, award-winning studio Tree in the Sky creates unique & memorable motion design that will get your project, band, startup, or established business noticed.

From pre-production to production to post-production, we can walk you through every step of your commercial, explainer video, music video, short film, Kickstarter video, or animation project. We can capture custom video and audio to suit your needs, ensuring that you will stand out from the crowd.

2D & 3D Animation, Stop Motion, CG Design

We can use stock images, your originals, or even create our own assets for your specific needs. Then, we can make those images move — penguins will fly, flowers will dance — whatever works!

Animated Logos, Bumpers, Idents,
Title Sequences

We can make your brand sparkle with dynamic logos, and create opening or closing title sequences tailored to your project’s needs.

Green Screen, Rotoscoping, Compositing,
Color Grading

We can set your scene wherever you want! We can make different images interact with each other, building the scene literally from the ground up.

Sound Design

Hear your video more vividly. See your sound. We’re not just talking metaphorical synesthesia — we can literally transform sounds into visual form. Custom Foley sound effects, film scores, commercial jingles, visual music, & more!

Motion Graphics, Video Editing, Special FX

In post-production, we can cut the raw footage in appropriate storytelling order, add appropriate transitions, and add sweet cinematic effects too!

And much more!

Cinematography, lighting, videography, photography, live action movies, short films, demo reels, music videos, experimental & fine art videos, oh my!

“Tree in the Sky’s Neeti Fidurko brings creative daring and
unending enthusiasm to each project. Her skill and
approachability make her an invaluable teammate and idea-mover.” – John Valenti

Don’t see something specific that you’re looking for? Just ask! Unless it involves planetary reorganization, we’re pretty sure we can get it done. (but even then…)

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“Having collaborated with Tree in the Sky on multiple projects, it’s undeniable that Neeti works harder & has more fun than any other professional you are likely to meet. Need a tech-savvy artist who is truly invested in your project? Tree is the obvious choice.” – Daniel J. Kushner

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