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Fun fact: more than 80% of American adults now use their cell phones as a camera. Software and filter apps such as Photoshop and Instagram might makes us all feel like professional photographers, snapping HD cat photos for National Geographic. But, be honest, would you hire someone for an important design project just because they have an Instagram account?

You’ve been doing your research and fully understand the importance of a high quality promotional video. You are ready to take your art, music, or business to the next level by reaching out to a wider audience. Congrats! This is a big step in developing your brand. Hiring a professional film studio to help you create an explainer or introductory video ensures greater visibility, and helps your message to be heard loud and clear among the Internet chatter.

Now you’re probably wondering: Who do I hire?

I know a promotional video can seem like a big investment, especially for a small organization.In a perfect world, budget is no concern; but in the real world, you want to get the most bang-for-your-buck. Finding a studio that understands your business and budget is one of the first and most important steps to creating an effective video. While larger name agencies with thousands of awards certainly have commercial appeal, keep in mind the benefits of working with a smaller production company that has few fewer awards (but plenty of ambition to earn more!). One benefit is affordability.

Remember: cost does not necessarily correlate to quality! Commercial film studios have more organizational bureaucracy, which could impede the creative process. You may not be able to discuss your project directly with designers, or maybe your account manager is a wonderful person who lacks artistic vision– important details may get overlooked or lost along the way.  They also have larger overhead expenses, which get passed onto clients. 3322190347_c2571f593a_z

Over the years I have found that it’s people, not equipment, that has the greatest impact on your final product. For the most part, the full suite of features on that fancy camera will go unused, while DSLRs and prosumer level cameras continue to provide equally stunning quality at a more affordable price to the client.

Before working with any motion design company, check their portfolio to see if the work really speaks to your organization. Ask questions about each person’s experience and look for success stories. This information should be readily available. Some people overlook the importance of meshing with the team, but the best results will come when everyone is having fun and working together! At Tree in the Sky I make a point of working with clients who are genuinely excited about their project, and I believe that emotion is what captivates audiences! 

One of the best things about partnering with an independent studio is all the individual attention. Have an idea in the middle of the night? Send it over! Want to grab a last minute coffee and work through some details? Let’s make a date! The owner of a small studio can get to know the people who make up your organization, and truly get involved with your cause. We can dig into specifics, perfect messaging, and make sure the end result is even better than you expected.

I see my client relationships as symbiotic: when I am working with professionals who are passionate about their work, that excitement is contagious and it creates a spiral toward success. You love your work, which inspires my work, which I love, which inspires you… The cycle of inspiration is endless! Working with creative entrepreneurs, we get the opportunity to explore new ideas, new methods, and gain different perspectives.

If you are looking to work with a professional full-service studio that thrives on exciting and unusual ideas, contact Tree in the Sky today for a consultation! 

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