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Who Would Jesus Date?

July 8, 2014 by in category Filmmaking, New Projects, News, Sneak Peek with 0 and 0

My indie short film project is going really well! It’s been a pleasure to work with friend & screenwriter Daniel J. Kushner. Our Kickstarter campaign has been incredibly successful, and we’ve learned a thing or two about crowdsourcing, crowdfunding, and social media. Our film is still in pre-production stages, and we are so excited to have a large 20+ team of talented and dedicated cast and crew members donating their time to this project. We have a brand new website for the film, as well as Facebook and Twitter pages.

We realize that despite our best and most innocent intentions, some people may get offended by the content. To this end, we have written and posted a disclaimer on all our sites.

We are so grateful for your continued love & support! Please help us continue to spread the word… only 3 days left to go in our campaign!

Who Would Jesus Date?

An Explanatory Disclaimer


The idea behind making the film Who Would Jesus Date? is simple: create a light-hearted fictional story that shows an iconic and hallowed figure in human history dealing with meeting a significant other’s parents. What if they don’t approve of Jesus, of all people?!

This satirical short film is first and foremost an artistic project and is not meant to be a theologically rigorous examination or an opinionated commentary on various religious passages or beliefs. That being said, Who Would Jesus Date? is meant to point us toward what really matters in our own belief systems and spiritual walks — the core message of love, peace, and acceptance.

Members from the creative team, cast, and crew ofWho Would Jesus Date? come from varying faith backgrounds and experiences, including but not limited to Christianity, Judaism, Hinduism, agnosticism and atheism. The film’s script reflects that with humorous takes and innocent jokes about various religions.

We respect religious devotion and expression, and as a result are not seeking to offend, approve, or disapprove of anyone’s beliefs or any messages in any religious text. We are, however, seeking to challenge ourselves and all those might see the film to take stock of what’s really pertinent to our spiritual walks and what is not. After all, isn’t this what Jesus’s ministry was all about?

Thanks for your continued support, and we look forward to sharing this film with all of you!

Love, Neeti & Dan

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